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Role-Playing Resources For Solo, GM-Less, And Low Preparation Play

Word Mill Games are the publishers of  Mythic Role Playing, Mythic Game Master Emulator, the Crafter Series, and other role-playing accessories designed to make your favorite creative hobby more fun and accessible than ever.


Mythic is the Platinum selling product that finally made solo role-playing a possibility, using any RPG product. Since it's release in January of 2003, Mythic introduced the concept of solo "oracle" engines and the popularity of solo and GM-less RPG play has grown in popularity ever since.


The Mythic system has been expanded with further books, such as Mythic Variations I and Mythic Variations 2, offering additional options to expand your solo RPG experience. Word Mill Games has also released the Crafter Series of books, designed to give Game Masters more options to make adventure creation quick and painless, whether you do your prep before you play or on the go as you play.




The Mythic Game

Master Emulator Deck

Based on the DriveThru Platinum Selling Mythic Game Master Emulator ruleset, this deck of 120 cards replaces the dice and the books, giving you Mythic results directly. The Mythic Deck handles everything Mythic handles, including Fate Questions, Event Focus and Meaning, Scene Setups, and adds Action and Description answers.




Our Line Of RPG Books & Products


Create dynamic role-playing adventures without preparation For use as a stand-alone game or as a supplement for other systems


Most Role-Playing Games operate under the principle that there are players and there is a Game Master. The GM prepares all the details of an adventure, and then "runs" the players through that adventure. This usually requires a great deal of preparation on the part of the GM.


Mythic is different in that it requires no preparation from the GM. Mythic adventures are meant to be played off the cuff, with perhaps a few minutes of brainstorming to come up with the initial setup. Mythic can also be played entirely without a GM. The same mechanics in Mythic that allow a GM to run an adventure without preparation also allows a group of players to do without the GM.


In a Mythic adventure, the GM (or players sans GM) can start an evening's entertainment with about five minutes of preparation. As the adventure unfolds, the GM is just as surprised by the twists and turns as the players are.



Mythic Game Master Emulator

This book provides the Game Master Emulation rules found in Mythic, a product that contains emulation rules and a full, universal role playing game. Mythic Game Master Emulator is for those who do not want the universal role-playing rules, but just the game master emulator at a reduced price. Mythic Game Master Emulator is a supplement meant to be played with your favorite role-playing games.



Mythic Game Master Emulator Deck

Play your favorite role-playing games solo, or with a group of players without a Game Master, using only your imagination and the Mythic Game Master Emulator Deck to guide you!


Based on the DriveThru Platinum Selling Mythic Game Master Emulator ruleset, this deck of 120 cards replaces the dice and the books, giving you Mythic results directly. The Mythic Deck handles everything Mythic handles, including Fate Questions, Event Focus and Meaning, Scene Setups, and adds Action and Description answers.



Mythic Variations

Take your Mythic adventures in exciting new directions with Mythic Variations, a collection of rules modifications for Mythic Role Playing and Mythic Game Master Emulator.


• Create themed adventures, such as horror, epic, social, personal, mystery or action, to push your games in a particular direction.

• Use Mythic to create character backgrounds.

• Create "tween" adventures ... what happens to your character in between the epic quests.

• Suggestions on how to run more effective Mythic games ... and more!


Mythic Variations expands the Mythic core rules, offering some new twists to keep your players on their toes!



Mythic Variations II

Introducing new rules variations to power your Mythic adventures! Mythic Variations 2 is a collection of rules modifications for Mythic Role Playing and Mythic Game Master Emulator, giving players a new way to experience GM-less and solo role playing.


Mythic Variations 2 expands on the core Yes/No mechanic of Mythic, splitting questions into 5 separate types of questions, or Checks, including:


• FATE CHECK: To answer any Yes/No Question, exactly as was done with Mythic's Fate Chart except now without the chart.

• DETAIL CHECK: This is used to answer any plain language Question and it replaces the Complex Question from Mythic Variations.

• EVENT CHECK: This Check is to determine an event that is happening, has happened, or will happen. It replaces the Random Event roll from original Mythic.

• BEHAVIOR CHECK: This Check is to determine the specific actions of NPCs on a round-to-round or as needed basis. It is rolled to determine an NPC’s behavior.

• STATISTIC CHECK: This Check is used to determine game statistics for NPCs and other crunchy elements of your adventure.


Mythic Variations 2 makes Mythic more useful than ever, tackling any question you might throw at it and giving your characters the kinds of adventures they deserve!



The Adventure Crafter

Create Adventure outlines, seeds, and events for any RPG, in advance or on the spot!


The Adventure Crafter adds to the Crafter series of Game Master tools a system for randomly generating an unfolding story that you can use as the framework for a custom built adventure or for solo role-play.


Using a system of randomly generated story tropes, combined with Character and Storyline management and creative interpretation, the Adventure Crafter can create the structure for an entire adventure, the idea for an adventure that you can develop, an opening scene to an adventure to get you started, or it can be used as a tool to generate inspiration and ideas for your own adventures.


Unlimited worlds of adventure await!



The Creature Crafter

An endless supply of monsters ... just what you've always wanted!


The Creature Crafter is a supplement designed to help Game Masters build monsters for any role-playing game. Creatures can be created before you begin, or on the spot during play. Come up with a simple, baseline template to use as a foundation for your monsters, then follow the tables in The Creature Crafter to fashion something new and horrific!


The Creature Crafter works with any rpg by using everyday language to modify your baseline statistics. By combining and interpreting results generated by The Creature Crafter, you can come up with an endless supply of monsters that take only moments to build!


Features include:


  • Usable with any rpg.
  • Tables for monster descriptions, classifications, size, abilities and more.
  • Create creatures in minutes, or even during play, by determining statistics when you need them.



The Location Crafter

Create adventure locations for any role-playing game, in advance or on the spot!


The Location Crafter is an RPG supplement designed to help Game Masters create exciting locations for characters to explore, complete with encounters, fast and easy. Create locations before you play or as you adventure, off the cuff.


The Location Crafter uses a simple system of expected elements and randomness, with mechanics to throw in twists to make your locations exciting and new each time!


The Location Crafter can be used with any role-playing system. You decide how much detail to include with you location and it can be scaled to any size, from a simple hotel room to a planet or universe.


An endless source of locations ... so what are you waiting for? It's time to get exploring!



World vs. Hero

World vs. Hero is the two-player storytelling game system that pits the World Player’s insidious conflicts against the Hero Player’s bold champions in a duel of strategic creativity!


From magical fantasy to superhero action to mind-bending horror, World vs. Hero is fully customizable and ready for anything players can dream up!


• Create worlds in minutes or use your favorite published settings instantly!

• Develop heroic characters that are as boundless as your own imagination!

• Design adventures that will surprise both players as the plot twists and turns!


World vs. Hero is playable with this book and a standard deck of playing cards.