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Word Mill Games are the publishers of  Mythic Role Playing, Mythic Game Master Emulator, the Crafter Series, and other role-playing accessories designed to make your favorite creative hobby more fun and accessible than ever.


Mythic is the DriveThru.com Platinum selling product that finally made solo role-playing a possibility, using any RPG product. Since it's release in January of 2003, Mythic introduced the concept of solo "oracle" engines and the popularity of solo and GM-less RPG play has grown ever since.


The Mythic system has been expanded with further books, such as Mythic Variations I and Mythic Variations 2, offering additional options for your solo RPG experience. Word Mill Games has also released the Crafter Series of books, designed to give Game Masters more tools to make adventure creation quick and painless, whether you do your prep before you play or on the go as you play.

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