The power of the Adventure Crafter in a card deck

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Create adventure outlines, seeds, and events for any RPG, in advance or on the spot with The Adventure Crafter!

Based on the DriveThru Platinum selling The Adventure Crafter ruleset, this deck of cards replaces the dice and the book, giving you Adventure Crafter results directly.

Please keep in mind that this product is a card version of the printed book and assumes familiarity with The Adventure Crafter system. The guide included shows you how to use the cards in place of the book, but for a full description on how The Adventure Crafter system works you will need the core book or at least be familiar with it.

The Adventure Crafter Deck handles everything the original book handles, including determining Theme priority, random Plotlines and Characters Lists, Theme determination, Plot Points, Turning Points, and Character Crafting.

The Adventure Crafter is a time-saving, creativity-inspiring Game Master tool that works with any role-playing system. With the card deck, determining Plot Points and Turning Points is now easier and faster, making The Adventure Crafter even more useful for solo play than with the book alone.

The PDF download of this product contains a guide in how to use the deck, various configurations to print your cards from including lettersize, A4, and duplex, and a zip file containing individual graphic images of each card and card back for use with card management apps. The print version is the 106 card deck along with a tuck box. The PDF downloads are free when ordered with the cards, so be sure to check the PDF + Cards option when ordering the print deck.