The Mythic emulator as a deck of cards

Mythic Game Master Emulator Deck
The Mythic Game Master Emulator In Card Form

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Play your favorite role-playing games solo, or with a group of players without a Game Master, using only your imagination and the Mythic Game Master Emulator Deck to guide you!

Based on the DriveThru Platinum Selling Mythic Game Master Emulator ruleset, this deck of 120 cards replaces the dice and the books, giving you Mythic results directly. The Mythic Deck handles everything Mythic handles, including Fate Questions, Event Focus and Meaning, Scene Setups, and adds Action and Description answers.

The Mythic Game Master Emulator Deck gives you all the tools you need to run a GM-free game either with a group or solo, by yourself. Mythic works with any role-playing system, and also as a writing tool to give your imagination a boost.

The PDF download of this product contains a complete guide in how to use the deck, as well as all the cards you can print for yourself. The print version is the 120 card deck along with a tuck box. The PDF manual is free when ordered with the cards, so be sure to check the PDF + Cards option when ordering the print deck.

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