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Published monthly, Mythic Magazine is an ezine presenting new ideas and crunchy details for your Mythic and Crafter adventures. Each issue contains thoughts and discussion, new rules variations, and other goodies. It's a monthly toolbox of resources for your Mythic adventures to stir lots of good, creative thought.


Mythic Magazine is available for automatic monthly delivery through Patreon, or you can find individual copies on DriveThruRPG.com as they become available.

Contribute To Mythic Magazine


Share your Mythic experiences and great ideas with others. If you have a rules variation, idea to explore, commentary on solo play, or any other thoughts you think would be instructive to the community, feel free to send them my way for inclusion in Mythic Magazine.



  • Please use the form below to submit your article. Attach the file as a plain, unformated text file. If you wish to send images with it, please send a second submission with all images enclosed in a zip file.
  • All submissions will be considered. If a submission is included in an issue of Mythic Magazine the article is subject to editing for clarity. You will be credited for your published submission, so please indicate the name you would like to use for the byline.



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